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Ghorpade, D., Ozcan, L., Zheng, Z., Nicoloro, S.M., Shen, Y., Chen, E., Blüher, M., Czech, M.P., Tabas, I. (2018)  Hepatocyte-secreted DPP4 in obesity promotes adipose inflammation and insulin resistance. Nature online.

Ira Tabas, and Andrew H. Lichtman. Monocyte-Macrophages and T Cells in Atherosclerosis. Immunity 47, Issue 4, 621–634, October 17, 2017. [pdf reprint]

Doran, A.C., Ozcan, L., Cai, B., Zheng, Z., Fredman, G.,, Dorweiler, B., Sluimer, J.C., Hsieh, J., Kuriakose, G., Tall, A.R., and Tabas, I. (2017) CaMKIIg suppresses an efferocytosis pathway in macrophages and promotes atherosclerotic plaque necrosis. J. Clin. Invest. 127:4075-4089. [pdf reprint]

Wang, Y., Subramanian, M., Yurdagul Jr., A., Barbosa-Lorenzi, V.C., Cai, B., de Juan Sanz, J., Ryan, T.A., Nomura, M., Maxfield, F.R., Tabas, I. (2017) Mitochondrial fission promotes the continued clearance of apoptotic cells by macrophages. Cell 17:331-345. [pdf reprint]

Bishuang Cai, Edward B. Thorp, Amanda C. Doran, Brian E. Sansbury, Mat J.A.P. Daemen, Bernhard Dorweiler, Matthew Spite, Gabrielle Fredman, and Ira Tabas. MerTK receptor cleavage promotes plaque necrosis and defective resolution in atherosclerosis. J Clin Invest. Feb 1 2017;127(2):564-568. [pdf reprint]

Ira Tabas. 2016 Russell Ross Memorial Lecture in Vascular Biology: Molecular–Cellular Mechanisms in the Progression of Atherosclerosis. Arterioscler Thromb Vasc Biol. 2017;37:183-189; originally published online December 15, 2016; DOI: 10.1161/ATVBAHA.116.308036. [pdf reprint]

Manikandan Subramanian, Jonathan D. Proto, Glenn K. Matsushima & Ira Tabas. Deficiency of AXL in Bone Marrow- Derived Cells Does Not Affect Advanced Atherosclerotic Lesion Progression. Scientific Reports 6:39111 | DOI: 10.1038/srep39111. [pdf reprint]

Xiaobo Wang, Ze Zheng, Jorge Matias Caviglia, ..., Jay H. Lefkowitch, Robert F. Schwabe, Ira Tabas. Hepatocyte TAZ/WWTR1 Promotes Inflammation and Fibrosis in Nonalcoholic Steatohepatitis. Cell Metabolism 24, 848–862. [pdf reprint]

Gabrielle Fredman, Jason Hellmann, Jonathan D. Proto, George Kuriakose, Romain A. Colas,Bernhard Dorweiler, E. Sander Connolly, Robert Solomon, David M. Jones, Eric J. Heyer, Matthew Spite & Ira Tabas. An imbalance between specialized pro-resolving lipid mediators and pro-inflammatory leukotrienes promotes instability of atherosclerotic plaques. Nature Communications 7:12859, DOI: 10.1038/ncomms12859, 1-11, September 23, 2016. [pdf reprint]

Ira Tabas. Death-defying plaque cells. Nature: Vol 536, 4 August, 2016. [pdf reprint]

Lale Ozcan, Devram S. Ghorpade, Ze Zheng, Jane Cristina de Souza,  Ke Chen, Marc Bessler, Melissa Bagloo,
Beth Schrope, Richard Pestell, and Ira Tabas. Hepatocyte DACH1 Is Increased in Obesity via Nuclear Exclusion of HDAC4 and Promotes Hepatic Insulin Resistance. Cell Reports 15:1–12, June 7, 2016. [pdf reprint]

Bishuang Cai, Edward B. Thorp, Amanda C. Doran, Manikandan Subramanian, Brian E. Sansbury,
Chyuan-Sheng Lin, Matthew Spite, Gabrielle Fredman, and Ira Tabas (2016). MerTK cleavage limits proresolving mediator biosynthesis and exacerbates tissue inflammation., PNAS Early Edition, 1-6. [pdf reprint]

Nazila Kamaly, Gabrielle Fredman, Jhalique Jane R. Fojas, Manikandan Subramanian, Won II Choi, Katherine Zepeda, Cristian Vilos, Mikyung Yu, Suresh Gadde, Jun Wu, Jaclyn Milton, Renata Carvalho Leitao, Livia Rosa Fernandes, Moaraj Hasan, Huayi Gao, Vance Nguyen, Jordan Harris, Ira Tabas, and Omid C. Farokhzad (2016). Targeted Interleukin-10 Nanotherapeutics Developed with a Microfluidic Chip Enhance Resolution of Inflammation in Advanced Atherosclerosis. ACS Publications XXXX American Chemical Society DOI: 10.1021/acsnano.6b01114, A-M. [pdf reprint]

Manikandan Subramanian, Lale Ozcan, Devram Sampat Ghorpade, Anthony W. Ferrante Jr. and Ira Tabas (2015). Suppression of Adaptive Immune Cell Activation Does Not Alter Innate Immune Adipose Inflammation or Insulin Resistance in Obesity. PLOS ONE DOI:10.1371/journal.pone.0135842, 1-19. [pdf reprint]

Lale Ozcan, Xiaoming Xu, Shi-Xian Deng, Devram S. Ghorpade, Tiffany Thomas, Serge Cremers, Brian Hubbard, Michael H. Serrano-Wu, Matthias Gaestel, Donald W. Landry, and Ira Tabas (2015). Treatment of Obese Insulin-Resistant Mice With an Allosteric MAPKAPK2/3 Inhibitor Lowers Blood Glucose and Improves Insulin Sensitivity Diabetes 64:3396–3405. [pdf reprint]

Ira Tabas, Guillermo García-Cardeña, and Gary K. Owens (2015). Recent insights into the cellular biology of atherosclerosis. Journal of Cell Biology 209:1, 13-22. [pdf reprint]

Gabrielle Fredman, Nazila Kamaly, Stefano Spolitu, Jaclyn Milton, Devram Ghorpade, Raymond Chiasson, George Kuriakose, Mauro Perretti, Omid Farokzhad, Ira Tabas (2015). Targeted nanoparticles containing the proresolving
peptide Ac2-26 protect against advanced atherosclerosis in hypercholesterolemic mice. Science Transl. Med. Vol 7 Issue 275 275ra20. [pdf reprint]

Manikandan Subramanian, Edward B Thorp and Ira Tabas (2014). Identification of a Non-Growth Factor Role for GM-CSF in Advanced Atherosclerosis: Promotion of Macrophage Apoptosis and Plaque Necrosis Through IL-23 Signaling. Circ. Res. Print ISSN: 0009-7330. Online ISSN: 1524-4571. [pdf reprint]

Gabrielle Fredman, Lale Ozcan, Stefano Spolitu, Jason Hellmann, Matthew Spite, Johannes Backs, and Ira Tabas (2014). Resolvin D1 limits 5-lipoxygenase nuclear localization and leukotriene B4 synthesis by inhibiting a calcium-activated kinase pathway. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 111:14530-5. [pdf reprint]

Gabrielle Fredman, Lale Ozcan, Ira Tabas (2014). Common therapeutic targets in cardiometabolic disease. Science Transl. Med. Vol 6 Issue 239 239ps5. [pdf reprint]

Manikandan Subramanian & Ira Tabas (2014). A new RIDDle in DC-mediated cross-presentation. Nature Immunology 15(3): 213–215. [pdf reprint]

Manikandan Subramanian, Crystal D. Hayes, Joseph J. Thome, Edward Thorp, Glenn K. Matsushima, Joachim Herz, Donna L. Farber, Kang Liu, Madepalli Lakshmana, and Ira Tabas (2014). An AXL/LRP-1/RANBP9 complex mediates DC efferocytosis and antigen cross-presentation in vivo. J. Clin. Invest. 124:1296-1308. [pdf reprint]

Lale Ozcan, Jane Cristina de Souza, Alp Avi Harari, Johannes Backs, Eric N. Olson, and Ira Tabas (2013). Activation of calcium/calmodulin-dependent protein kinase II in obesity mediates suppression of hepatic insulin signaling. Cell Metabolism 18:803–815. [pdf reprint]

Nazila Kamaly, Gabrielle Fredman, Manikandan Subramanian, Suresh Gadde, Aleksandar Pesic, Louis Cheung, Zahi Adel Fayad, Robert Langer, Ira Tabas, and Omid Cameron Farokhzad (2013). Development and in vivo efficacy of targeted polymeric inflammation-resolving nanoparticles. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 110:6506-6511. [pdf reprint]

Ira Tabas and Christopher K. Glass (2013). Anti-inflammatory therapy in chronic disease: challenges and opportunities. Science, 339:166-172. [pdf reprint]

Manikandan Subramanian, Edward Thorp, Goran K. Hansson, and Ira Tabas (2013). Treg-mediated suppression of atherosclerosis requires MYD88 signaling in DCs. J Clin Invest. Jan 2;123(1):179-88. [pdf reprint]

Ira Tabas (2012) Bad matters made worse. Nature 487:306–308. [pdf reprint]

Lale Ozcan, Catherine C.L. Wong, Gang Li, Tao Xu, Utpal Pajvani, Sung Kyu Robin Park, Anetta Wronska,
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Connie W. Woo, Lydia Kutzler, Scot R. Kimball and Ira Tabas (2012) Toll-like receptor activation suppresses ER stress factor CHOP and translation inhibition through activation of eIF2B. Nature Cell Biology 14:2, 192-200 [pdf reprint]

Xianghai Liao, Judith C. Sluimer, Ying Wang, Manikandan Subramanian, Kristy Brown, J. Scott Pattison,
Jeffrey Robbins, Jennifer Martinez, and Ira Tabas (2012). Macrophage autophagy plays a protective role
in advanced atherosclerosis. Cell Metabolism 15:1–9. [pdf reprint]

Karin E. Bomfeldt and Ira Tabas (2011) Insulin resistance, hyperglycemia, and atherosclerosis. Cell Metabolism 14:575-585. [pdf reprint]

Edward Thorp, Tomas Vaisar, Manikandan Subramanian, Lauren Mautner, Carl Blobel, and Ira Tabas (2011) Shedding of the MER tyrosine kinase receptor is mediated by ADAM17 through a pathway involving reactive oxygen species, protein kinase δ, and P38 map kinase. Journal of Biological Chemistry 286:38, 33335-33344 [pdf reprint]

Ira Tabas (2011) Bedside to Bench: Finding the culprit in your heart. Nature Medicine 17:7, 791-793. [pdf reprint]

Kathryn J. Moore and Ira Tabas (2011) Macrophages in the pathogenesis of atherosclerosis. Cell, 145:3, 341-355. [pdf reprint]

Edward Thorp, Takao Iwawaki, Masayuki Miura, and Ira Tabas (2011) A reporter for tracking the UPR in vivo reveals patterns of temporal and cellular stress during atherosclerotic progression. Journal of Lipid Research
52,1033-1038. [pdf reprint]

Tabas, I., Ron, D. (2011) Integrating the mechanisms of apoptosis induced by endoplasmic reticulum stress. Nature Cell Biology, 13:3, 184-190. [pdf reprint]

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Tracie A. Seimon, Marissa J. Nadolski, Xianghai Liao, Jorge Magallon, Matthew Nguyen, Nicole T. Feric, Marlys L. Koschinsky, Richard Harkewicz, Joseph L. Witztum, Sotirios Tsimikas, Douglas Golenbock, Kathryn J. Moore, and Ira Tabas (2010) Atherogenic lipids and lipoproteins trigger CD36-TLR2-dependent apoptosis in macrophages undergoing endoplasmic reticulum stress. Cell Metabolism 12:467–482. [pdf reprint]

Tabas, I., (2010) The role of endoplasmic reticulum stress in the progression of atherosclerosis. Circ Res. 107:839-850. [pdf reprint]

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